Rev Up Your Marketing Engine

You may already have a customer service app, which is expected by today’s mobile consumer. What’s missing is a way to create a unique market space and. . .

  • a fresh approach to prospecting for commercial business,
  • a network of local businesses to increase market penetration,
  • and an app to enhance the agency’s brand across the community.

Be Exclusive
Sponsor the Our Community app as an innovative way to build relationships with business owners helping you write their commercial insurance. Instead of simply asking to quote, ask them to join with you to bring in new business and help your community. There is no cost for them to participate, and you will work together to cross market and promote the app through videos, handouts, press releases and more. They can include special offers and utilize location-based technology.

The Perfect Strategy
The best way to market is to have others do it for you. As one user loves your app, they will tell their friends and those friends will tell their friends. Every time they use your app, they will see your agency name as the sponsor, making your brand viral.

Register below for the webinar on Thursday November 21st at 2:00 central time.  Ted Baker will share his vision for utilizing cutting edge technology to make your agency name viral throughout your community.


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